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Artificial Intelligence: a new breed in marketing. 

Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.

– Joseph Wood Krutch

  • The technology has become a place for dynamic fast-changing environment thereby impacting the way organizations are running their service management enterprises.
  • The idea that artificial intelligence can automate marketing functions is not new. Artificial intelligence is complementing business intelligence in decision-making, attaining the necessary ability to influence in all data to make quick actionable decisions.

The wave of artificial intelligence is taking the digital world like a storm. It enables marketers to create highly personalised consumer experiences that cost significantly less than traditional high-dollar campaigns. Some of the innovative ways marketers use for artificial intelligence marketing is as follows,

1. Forecasting:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic 

–Sir Arthur C. Clarke

  • The potential to forecast sales accurately ahead of time has long been a dream of many e-commerce businesses because sales forecasting is a necessary building block for any successful business.
  • Predicting future conditions, managing your workforce, cash flow, and supply chain are aided by sales forecasting.
  • Artificial intelligence offers the ability to forecast their future sales comprehensively in a significantly increased efficiency

2. Optimize Advertising

The Art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the Art 

–John Lasseter

  • Artificial intelligence may flow into the torrent of consumer data concealed in keywords, social profile and online data for more effective digital advertisements.
  • Artificial Intelligent solutions help marketers take them a step further for deeper insight and analysis.The advertiser’s job is slowly being picked apart by AI in advertising.

 3. Conversations:

Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.

Laurie Anderson 

The ultimate goal of conversational technology is to create experiences for your customers wherever they connect with you. It helps consumers at the precise ‘decision-making moment’ can help directly influence buying decisions.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in jobs:

Rise of every new technology brings with it worries for many. 

However, the reality is, these technologies helped create new jobs

 – Jack Ma.

  • There is no better time for marketers to begin testing how Artificial Intelligence strategies can help create highly personalized experiences for their consumers.
  • Armed with all of this knowledge, previously unpredicted opportunities are revealing themselves like never for brands bold enough to invest in Artificial Intelligence.