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Evolutionary AI: A giant leap for Earthlings.

    “Our intelligence is what makes us human, And AI is an extension of that quality.”

– Yann LeCun

  • Artificial Intelligence empowers us to do many programs and services in various branches, like entertainment, education, health, commerce, transport, and utilities. We had already started using AI in your day to day life, both online and offline.  

  • With the help of Machine learning, Quantum computing, Process automation and Big data analysis, it might be even easier for us to evaluate and execute a better and clearer future generations.

  • Evolutionary AI technologies are making it stronger and more possible to discover entirely new objects and etiquettes to magnify a given objective and yield solutions that do not yet exist. 

In this article I am going to share with you how evolutionary artificial intelligence technology is going to uplift our civilization in more effective ways.

1. Space researches

AI in space exploration has always been revolutionized since the day one.

  • The decommissioned satellite has been helpful in gathering images of natural calamities such as hurricanes or volcanic eruptions. The AI helped optimize the analysis and response to those natural disasters and even could relay the message to the satellite to take images of the occurrences before the ground crew would be alerted about the event.

  • Curiosity rover is playing a vital role in the study on mars that can detect the differences between smooth and coarse plastic surfaces. It is also a great companion if you want to throw around a ball and have a game of catch on Mars. Also, adjusting the robot to the gravity of Mars will be easier than it would be for a human as lower gravity would distort the normal growth of human bones and cause other physical issues.

  • Application of AI is being extensively researched in the domain of satellite operations, especially in supporting the operational mechanism of huge satellite constellations. Machine Learning is being used for analyzing and processing high-resolution satellite imagery and for getting exact and precise visual representations.

2. Neuroscience

  • The intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI) is an alternative approach to deep learning. Neuroscience can also benefit from AI research by taking the idea of reinforcement learning, one of the central approaches in contemporary AI research.

  • This allows us to measure and manipulate brain activity precisely, by yielding vast quantities of data that can be analyzed with tools from machine learning. We therefore believe that distilling intelligence into algorithms and comparing them to the human brain is now an essential one.

This could shed light on some of the most enduring mysteries in neuroscience, such as the nature of creativity, dreams and consciousness. With so much at stake, the need for the field of neuroscience and AI to come together is now more urgent than ever before.

3. Business:

  • The technology has become a place for dynamic fast-changing environment thereby impacting the way organizations are running their service management enterprises.

  • This technology is going to help businesses to scale evolutionary AI techniques by solving the most complex business problems such as Improving predictions, Drive impactful outcomes and Facilitate effective experimentation.

  • Evolutionary computation is experiencing a fast growing popularity in the AI community.

Some innovative ways marketers use for artificial intelligence marketing is by Forecasting, Optimizing advertisements and by effective Conversational technologies.
“AI has been very successful in the last few years at applying this supervised learning paradigm. A compelling next step is machine creativity, where we have machines discovering things we don’t already know. Evolution is specifically designed to do just that” – Risto Miikkulainen