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Importance of Angular JS

  Javascript is the duct tape of the Internet

– Charlie Campbell

Applications of AngularJS:

  • AngularJS is the productive framework that can promote Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • AngularJS contribute developers an alternative to write client side applications using JavaScript in a clean Model View Controller (MVC) process.
  • Applications written in AngularJS are cross-browser compliant. AngularJS automatically handles the JavaScript code suitable for each browser
  • Angular makes the application development process simple for developers. However this framework handles DOM, AJAX glues code and puts them in a well-defined structure. 

Features of Angular Framework:

In an era of constant technological development, Angular JS could be the ultimate way for you to get ahead of the competition. Here, we will be looking at just 7 of the top features of AngularJS that we cannot live without!

 1. The MVC Framework:

AngularJS contribute developers with “Model View Control” architecture which is ideal for dynamic modeling. MVC with AngularJS makes it simple for developers to build client-side web applications. All the mandatory elements are developed separately and combined automatically, which saves developers a great deal of additional time and effort.

 2. HTML User Interface

The great feature of AngularJS is the fact that it uses the HTML to build user interfaces. The HTML is a common and declarative language with concise tags that are simple to understand. This leads to a more organized and simplistic user interface. JavaScript interfaces are often more complicated to develop and organize. If you are looking for a solution that is quick, simple, and easy to use at a moment’s notice, then this could be it.

 3. Access to the POJO Model

A POJO (Plain Old Java Object) data model offers very well-planned objects and logics. Developers only need to create loops with the right properties and play around to get the best results. This means that developers can get the clear code they need for highly interactive and user-friendly apps.

 4. Behaviour with Directives

AngularJS provides extra functionality with the HTML using directives. The controller does not need to manipulate the DOM directly, as this should be done through directives. Directives fabricate a separate part of the element set which can be used anywhere other than in a web application. Directives give developers the element-rich HTML they need to strengthen their online presence.

5. Filtering

Filters in the AngularJS framework simply filters the data before it reaches the view by performing pagination, as well as filtering data arrays with respect to available parameters. The system works by putting information into the right format before it is delivered to the end-user.

6. Unit Testing Facilities

Reliability and performance are an important part of making sure that a site works as it should. The application simply uses Dependency injection to bind the application together. This helps everything to function as it should while managing the control with numerous simplicity.

All the controllers available within the AngularJS unit testing facilities are dependent, which means that you can adjust certain aspects to discover the preferred configuration for data or an app.

7. Templates

In AngularJS, it is possible to use templates to help you build a perfect framework faster. In this network, your template is made of plain HTML, but the language can be extended to include instructions on how the model should be shown in the end view. 

The unique templates offered by AngularJS makes it easier for designers and developers to work together. Designers can mark up HTML normally, while developers take on the functionality aspects with little effort.


AngularJS is supreme for enterprise development and the focus primarily lies on code quality and testability by excluding peripheral issues. This framework offers splendid for developers.