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Is Django the Secret Ingredient for python web developers?

Is Django the Secret Ingredient for python web developers? If you are one of those developers in python, this blog will make you glad. A beginner? Still, everyone has something to take from here! 


Why Django?

With Django, you can progress the Web applications from concept to launch in a matter of hours. So you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.


How Django is an IDOL for Developers!

  • Django was designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.  

  • Numerous developers have recommended Django as a dynamic framework to work with as it continues to be the favorable framework for skilled developers.

  • With high-quality code writing, fast forefront web development, Transparency, and suitability, Django ensure the safety of the project with its latest 2.2 version by making it a fully-featured package.

Assets and liabilities:

Let us begin with the assets and liabilities,



1 – It’s a Python Language  

  • Simplicity is the main key. As Django is written in Python, it is truly simple to learn and appear as it was created for learners.

2 – Batteries included  

  • Django aims to follow Python’s “batteries included” philosophy. It means Django provides a wide range of features and functionalities.

3 – Stellar Documentation and Tutorials  

  • Django includes detailed release notes and online topics for discussion on development and suitability.

4– Administration Interface  

  • It is truly simple to create and it is really one of the key advantages when using this framework.

5 – Community  

  • As a open source in online, Django is supported by active volunteers who constantly provide updates and resources. As well, people in the community are cool and they support each other through mailing, blog posts and IRC channel.

6 – Django is Immensely Scalable  

  • Django handles traffic and mobile app API usage of more than 400 million+ users helping maximize suitability and minimize web hosting costs. The number of hosts is high and the hosting price is relatively cheap and even free.

7 – Built-In Template System  

  • One of the benefits of Django framework is a built-in template language that facilitates the process of building applications.

8– Best Security  

  • Django hides your website’s source code. The framework has protection against XSS and CSRF attacks, SQL injections, click jacking, etc. Django notifies of a number of common security mistakes better than PHP.


1 – Regex to specify its URL: 

  • You can create simple and easy-to-read URLs. However, Django uses regex to specify its URL routing patterns and that makes the code larger and creates complicated syntaxes. 

2 – Slower while maintaining backwards compatibility

  • The framework has dedicated itself to backwards compatibility. Speed is a valid issue even in Python, but Django has explicitly chosen to designate other stuff. Django worries more about development productivity and backwards compatibility than its speed.

3 – Too monolithic!  

  • The framework is monolithic and it pushes you into given patterns, but it is more fun when you can program yourself, choosing architecture, structure and design patterns. Moreover, this is the reason Django maintains a large, tightly-coupled product.

4 –  The process only handles single request at a time  

  • Unluckily, WSGI-based servers cannot be utilized to develop real-time apps, as WSGI protocol is synchronous. WSGI server can handle only one request at a time.

5 – Template errors fail silently by default  

  • It appears like the framework developers did not pay attention to mistakes when they stepped to their own class-based views. They are extended via inheritance, that means it will make everyone’s life entangled in the subsequent versions.

What’s New?    

The latest version is Django 2.2 LTS released in April 2019 supported until 2022. That means security and data loss can be fixed with an upgrade of this version. You will receive fixes for crashing bugs, major functionality bugs in newly-introduced features and regression from the older versions of Django until December 2019. 


The honest reason to Learn and Love Django!  

  • Choosing a web development framework is a big deal. There are quite a few frameworks on the market, each designed to address different project needs. For many companies and independent projects, the Django framework is an easy choice.

  • Django is a great addition to projects that need to handle large volumes of content, user interactions and heavy traffic, deal with complex functions in technology. Yet it is simple enough for small-scale projects even if you intend to scale your project to a much higher level. That’s why Django is used by so many companies that vary in size and goals.

Django is definitely a must-have for any professional programmer. Django’s community is really cool, as people are always ready to help and it will make you hate life less.