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“Ruby on Rails”, the time is now!

“Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.”

– Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media

 Principle – “convention over configuration”  

  • Rails are often named as the main reason behind Ruby’s popularity. Ruby on Rails is an open source system for Web improvement, which is a gift for software engineers since it requires significantly less coding. 

  • The community develops numerous free add-ons that can be integrated into applications. These are beneficial for startups that want to launch a new feature-rich application within the shortest possible time.

  • Ruby on Rails framework allows minimum viable products to be developed quickly for software applications that will likely need to repeat the development process repeatedly for improvements and refinements. 

  • Building with Rails also offers a good opportunity to put into practice the skills you have learned from static web pages with HTML and CSS to programming concepts like object-oriented programming.

  • Ruby on Rails application framework is also scalable, fast and secure which is best to validate your business model with a torrent of flexible coding tools.

Ruby on Rails is in 5th place among the most popular frameworks for back-end development. The number of websites built with a framework account for 350,000+ all over the world, and this number is rapidly growing.